Mini Review

The Best of Times (1986)

Last Watch Date - January 27, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


A classic football sort of movie with a kind of funny premise. It has Kurt Russell and Robin Williams. Imagine being known as the only QB who has worn white shoes.. and that being some sort of heroic feat. That's the level of story we're talking about here. But it's enjoyable and has all of those old timey football cliches. It takes me back to a time where things were a bit simpler (but worse) and people actually cared about their high school football career so much that they'd try to stage a rematch 13 years on. In the end, this isn't merely a goofy football movie, it's a celebration of small town America that's been down on its luck and needs a little kick to get things going again. Completely unbelievably silly, but fun. Go Taft Rockets!


If you like those "heartland" sort of movies, sure. It's a football movie first, a comedy second, and a small town movie third. It's corny but not bad.

5 Bankers out of 10