Mini Review

Ghosted (2023)

Last Watch Date - May 5, 2023
Total Times Watched - Once


It's time for a movie with horrible reviews and literally zero recommendations! Even people who know my love of Ana de Armas were like "it's not good, don't bother." So why did I watch it despite these warnings? YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHY.

Let me start by saying the cast in this movie is pretty nuts, especially when you compare it to the .. laziness? of the script. The dialogue is quite bad in places and the flow of conversation is not good at really any point. But they got AdA, Chris Evans, Adrien Brody, and some high profile guest stars. It's wild, man.

So wild, in fact, that I think they blew all of the budget on those folks. The graphics at times are SO bad. You expect to see some corny explosions or other computer generated stuff, but there is so much of it here that is obvious that it takes you out of any sort of fantasy you're supposed to fall into. It's not really that romantic when it comes to the romantic comedy aspect, but I guess it's like a romantic action movie? It's no Predator that's for sure. And you can't tell me Arnold wasn't falling in love with the Predator. Their bond will last generations.

The action is pretty ok. Evans has already had experience doing this with his Captain America silliness. I'm not sure if de Armas has experience but she was pretty good too. Did I ever tell you Chris Evans wrestled in high school? That's probably what makes him good in action sequences.

Let's not pretend the bar for this movie was set anywhere above sea level for me. Maybe that helped me enjoy it. It's not merely eye candy and it's definitely not de Armas' delivery that helped things. But it was fun and stupid and cheesy just like I would want out of this type of movie. The overall pacing was pretty tight despite the long runtime, but don't be fooled! The first 5-ish minutes are all of those splash screen things, then the last 10 minutes are credits. So it's more 1 hour 40 compared to the advertised 1 hour 55. Does that make you want to watch it? Probably not.


Sure, go for it. It's not bad (it's not good), it's goofy and kind of fun. I laughed out loud at a few moments in it as well, so there's that.

5 Aztecs out of 10