Mini Review

True Lies (1994)

Last Watch Date - December 24, 2020
Total Times Watched - So many. So, so many.


If I said to you I have a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger from the mid-90s, you're probably thinking of Jingle All the Way or Junior. Or maybe even Batman & Robin. But NO, this is peak Arnold and has an amazing supporting cast to boot. Tom Arnold is funny and kind of gross as his partner and buddy. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as a bored housewife looking for something more. Tia Carrere is great as a bitchy vixen who you kind of want to see more of but also hate a little bit. The story isn't anything really special, but this movie has great action, comedy, drama, and even romance. It's probably Arnold's best movie.


Hell yeah. This movie is infinitely rewatchable.

9 Voice Changers out of 10

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