Mini Review

Sphere (1998)

Last Watch Date - June 10, 2022
Total Times Watched - 5 or so


Sphere has a great cast - Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L Jackson, Liev Schreiber - and it's based on a great book - Sphere by Michael Crichton. That means it's going to be a total flop, right?! That's usually how these types of movies work. I guess Crichton had already been validated with the Jurassic Park movies, but Sphere is a bit of a niche movie and Congo had been widely regarded as a bad movie. (I remember liking Congo, for what it's worth). Let's get back to Sphere, though. This movie is a bit stilted in terms of pacing, but the concept is SO COOL that it makes it ok. The ending is a bit corny. There are also some suspect visual effects (thinking of Harry and the Sphere in particular), but it's not bad overall.


Yeah man. This is a really interesting scifi movie with a claustrophobic feeling due to them being stuck at the bottom of the ocean.

8 Squids out of 10