Mini Review

Dirty Harry (1971)

Last Watch Date - December 31, 2020
Total Times Watched - First time


Still in the mood for a Western, but I had heard of this movie so much that I figured it was worth watching. It obviously came up because of Clint Eastwood being such a name for Westerns, but this is very clearly NOT a Western. That's ok, though, this is a classic that I need to watch. First impressions? This soundtrack is SO 70s in a very bad way. It makes it tough to get into the movie. It's incredibly dated all around, though not necessary bad. I think Clint Eastwood's reputation carries this more than the movie itself because it's not very entertaining. Or maybe I'm just not a big cop movie guy. Speaking of cops, they're really stupid in this movie. Maybe it's a reflection of the actual Zodiac Killer case, but it's a bit over the top. The ending is ok.


I wouldn't really recommend it, but you're going to watch it anyway.

6 Punks out of 10

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