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Klaus (2019)

Last Watch Date – December 7, 2021
Total Times Watched – 2


I watched this either one or two years ago with my wife around Christmas when Netflix was pushing it pretty hard. I’m not generally a big Christmas movie person (for the sake of Christmas), but I read some good press on it as well. It’s worth a shot, right?

The plot is an interesting take on the origins of Santa Claus. Maybe now you get why it’s called Klaus. The voice acting is GREAT in this movie, though I do think it has some issues with the plot and pacing at times. There’s really nothing new and exciting about the story itself, you’ve seen this same basic story in other formats many, many times before. But the color and character of this movie makes it shine and become a modern holiday classic.


If you’re looking for something to watch with your kids around the holidays, or if you just really love holiday movies, this is a good one. Holiday spirit activate!

Rating – 7 Saami out of 10